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The Importance of Having a New Toothbrush

Ocoee, FL – A really old toothbrush is usually worse than having no toothbrush at all. You know what we are talking about. The brushes that are badly worn and frayed. The cost of replacing a toothbrush is minimal compared with the cost of using one that has seen better days. Plus, the ADA recommends that we replace our toothbrushes approximately every 3–4 months or sooner if the bristles become frayed with use.

If you have doubts about the life left in your toothbrush, bring it in at your next appointment, and we can assess the damage. We’ve seen a lot of brushes, so don’t feel like yours will be any different from what we have already seen. Also, remember children’s toothbrushes often need replacing more frequently than adult brushes.

Reasons it’s Time to Replace

  • Plaque will stick with you. A dead toothbrush doesn’t stand up to plaque, which means you simply won’t get your teeth so clean. And a new brush works more quickly at plaque tasks.
  • You can make yourself sick. Viruses love toothbrushes and stay lively a full week after you’re over the flu or a bout with cold sores. An ailing toothbrush makes a welcome home for bugs, especially when the bristles are bent and scraggly. Just when you’re feeling better, you can be re-infected. When you’re ill, change brushes every time you think of it.
  • Watch those gums. A ratty toothbrush can damage gum tissue. A ratty, very hard toothbrush may even cause gums to recede.

One of the most important reasons to replace that old toothbrush is that nothing beats a confident and beautiful smile. Contact us at Complete Family Dentistry and Implant Center in Ocoee now to schedule your appointment and get that toothbrush inspected. Call today at (407) 523-5400.

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