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One of the most common procedures that is routinely performed in our Ocoee dental office is the fabrication of a dental crown. Sometimes this procedure is referred to as a “cap”. Unfortunately, in the past, large metal fillings were physically packed into teeth and are retained mechanically. Structurally, teeth with these restorations cause stress fractures, decay, sensitivity, roughness, and lead to cracks that ultimately can cause severe dental pain. Crowns, which are fabricated at our state of the art Ocoee dental office, are tooth colored, bonded, natural, create a seal, prevent fracture, virtually eliminate sensitivity, and can even prevent tooth loss from fracture.

A crown at our Ocoee family dental office is a two-step process and involves an impression of the healthy tooth structure. The crowns also can be made without the use of any metal. Depending on the location of the crown to be completed in the mouth, Complete Family Dentistry and Implant Center will fabricate a crown based on the patient’s needs. Stronger crowns are reinforce to allow for highest strength and excellent esthetics. Also, an all porcelain crown can be bonded to anterior teeth for the highest dental esthetic result.

One of the biggest advancements is the same day crown procedures with the CEREC machine. This state of the art procedure gives Dr. Colon more control of how the patient’s final crown will look and fit in and done the same day.

To learn more, and to discover whether you’re a good candidate for dental crowns (or same day crowns), please contact Dr. Colon with Complete Family Dentistry and Implant Center in Ocoee, Florida at (407) 523-5400 to schedule an appointment. Our office is conveniently located in central Florida just off W. Colonial Dr. and the 408.