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The use of dental implants in our Ocoee dental office to replace teeth has been an absolute breakthrough in the quality of service we can provide for our Orlando area dental patients. . Not only can we replace teeth but we can aid in holding in place removable dentures. Many of our patients hate the “looseness” of their dentures and partials. This can be fixed with dental implants. The implants are used to attach the denture or partial and make them very stable. Some of our Orlando patients actually comment on how difficult it can be to remove the dentures or partials after they are attached to healthy dental implants. We welcome implant questions and often times work with an oral surgeon if needed for the restoration to look and feel their best.

Our Ocoee dental office utilizes dental implants to replace teeth and to help retain prosthesis. The use of dental implants enables us to replace single or multiple teeth permanently without compromising adjacent teeth. Another major benefit is the fact that dental implants cannot develop decay, and actually inhibit bacterial growth.

To learn more, and to discover whether you’re a good candidate for implant treatment, please contact Dr. Colon with Complete Family Dentistry and Implant Center in Ocoee, Florida at (407) 523-5400 to schedule an appointment. Our office is conveniently located in central Florida just off W. Colonial Dr. and the 408.