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Complete Family Dentistry and Implant Center in Ocoee is proud to offer our Orlando area patients same day crowns. We use the revolutionary CEREC system which designs and generates porcelain crowns in just one visit. Generally, crown procedures take two visits or more to complete and require the patient to wear a temporary crown that may be uncomfortable. The CERAC machine provides patients with a faster, more esthetic result, less injections and drilling, and no temporary crowns or goopy impressions, all while conserving more of the natural structure of your teeth.

How Do Same Day Crowns With the CEREC Machine Work?

Dr. Colon begins the procedure by preparing the tooth in the same manner he would a traditional crown. Next, he takes a digital image of the tooth using a special camera, instead of taking an impression of the tooth (like a traditional crown procedure). The digital image is then brought up on a flat screen television next to the dental chair so they are able to use it to guide the design of the crown. Once Dr. Colon perfects the newly designed tooth, the data is sent to the CEREC machine which then creates the tooth exactly to their specifications. The process of creating the crown can take as little as six minutes! The final step is adhering the crown to finish the procedure, ensuring that the crown matches the surrounding teeth.

What Are the Benefits of Same Day Crowns With the CEREC Machine?

  • The biggest benefit of a same day crown procedure is time and convenience. Instead of requiring the patient to come back for a second visit, the entire procedure can be completed in one scheduled visit.
  • Because a crown procedure will be completed the same day, only one set of injections is necessary, lending itself to greater patient comfort.
  • Same day crown procedures eliminate the need for a temporary crown. Temporary crowns often fall off and cause problems, which may add extra trips to the dentist office.
  • The CEREC machine gives Dr. Colon more control of how the patient’s final crown will look and fit.
  • Another benefit of the CEREC machine is that the crown material is stronger, which means the crown lasts longer. With proper oral care, a CERAC crown may have to be replaced less often.