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My first visit with Dr. Colon was in 2000 I was 13 years old and scared to death!! I needed a root canal. Back then it took about 2 hours for a root canal buildup and temp crown, with frantic me it took 3 and he was so patient. Dr. Colon gave me a mirror and let me watch the whole procedure. He treated me like his own child lol, he is so sweet and very gentle when performing exams and procedures. I just wrote this review because now i’m 27, live in Houston, TX and today after 14 years I just had to have that crown replaced that Dr. Colon did!!! They say have crowns replaced every 10 years. The dentist today took about 20 mins to section the crown and remove it. She said ” oh my, whomever put this on did a really good job”! I really was considering flying to Florida to have Dr. Colon to the procedures that I just had because it took a while to find a dentist I could really trust, I’m a clinical professional Nurse myself, so I watch everything! . But I still thank him to this day for his work, patience and that’s why I’m not scared as an adult of the dentist.

Cheryl R. , Missouri City, TX