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Do You Have Unused Dental Benefits?

Ocoee, FL – This year is coming to the end and we’re sure you’re getting ready for the holidays. But before you let this year go and start making your new year’s resolutions, you might want to think about saving some money. Do you have unused dental benefits?

While unused dental insurance plans seem harmless, they are actually sitting idle and eating away your dollars.  That’s why we’ll share with you some reasons for using your dental insurance before it runs out at the year-end.

Saving Money

Think of all those premiums and interests building up over the course of a year. Depending on whether your dental insurance plan runs on the fiscal year or the calendar year, you could be saving hundreds of dollars by using up your benefits before the year comes to a close.

Your dental insurance comes with an annual maximum, which is the limit of amount your dental insurance company will pay for your dental treatments annually. The amount differs from company to company but typically falls somewhere around $1,000 per year for each person. This annual maximum gets renewed at the beginning of each fiscal year or calendar year, depending on the nature of your plans. And, unfortunately, if you haven’t been using your insurance throughout the year, the unused benefits will not roll over.

You must avail dental works before your deductible resets

There’s an amount of money that you should pay annually for your dental treatment from your pocket before your insurance company pays for them – this amount is called ‘deductible’. While your deductible might vary from one insurance plan to another, many insurance plans do not offer the insurance benefits until you’ve spent your annual deductible. In most cases, people barely cross their deductible limits and before they know, a new year starts with yet another deductible cycle. Not using your insurance to its full benefits means you hardly ever let the insurance company do its job. Rather you are footing your bills in spite of paying your insurance premiums.

You deserve the returns on your premium

You’ve been diligently paying your monthly premiums and you deserve to use your benefits as much as you can. Not using your insurance means you’re letting your money go down the drain.

You can prevent dental problems from worsening

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Regular dental checkups can prevent serious dental problems from developing in the long run. If you suffer from dental problems, address the issue now rather than waiting for it to worsen, and it will save you from expensive dental treatments in future.

What better time is there than now to pull out those dental insurance papers? So, if you still have some dental insurance sitting idle, make it a point to schedule appointments with your dentist on a regular basis until you’ve used most of it by the end of the year.

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